About Us

Neša Stream doo is leading company in the field of telecommunications and security systems in Central Serbia.

We had a large number of successful projects realizations in the previous period, by strictly following national and international quality, work health and safety and environment protection standards as well as keeping confidentiality, by keeping constantly in mind the social responsibility we need to bare.


We are proud of long term cooperation with company Holcim (now CRH) Serbia, where in the last 9 years we had planned, designed and built almost all of the systems in the areas that we cover, all of which is implemented according to regulations and rigorous Holcim contracts and standards.

Municipality of Paraćin, more precise its public companies and institutions founded by Municipality, are our clients since the beginning. We have accomplished vast number of projects for the Municipality of Paraćin, some of which were most innovative on the national level (IP video surveillance system, hybrid optical/wireless network that interconnects and provides network services (data, voice, video) for all the companies and institutions on the territory of Municipality of Paraćin)

Cooperation with company NIS Gazprom Njeft, brought new energy and knoweldge to our company. Under strict surveillance of NIS experts, by thoroughly following all NIS standards and demands, we have managed to design integral technical protection optically based systems, for the most important oil derivatives housing facilities in Serbia.




As a result of many years of experience, founder and lead expert of Neša Stream, relying on unselfish help of collegues engineers, performed tehnical control of magistral projects as part of South Stream on the territory of Serbia, covering areas such as telecommunications, tehnical security and automatisation (optical cable network, radio reley systems, tehnical protection system and high-level automatisation control system).

For the cable distribution system operator „Jotel“ from Niš, Neša Stream fully arbitrated in the process of obtaining building permissions, neccessary to build hybrid optical/coaxial network on the territory of Paraćin, performed tehnical control of projects and participated in the process of building Jotel's cable system (cable blow-in and optical cable interconnections) in the city areas of Paraćin, Jagodina, Zaječar, Vranje and Niš.

As a crown of constant HR investment and knowledge broadening, Neša Stream registered at Republic Telecommunications Agency (better known as RATEL) and built proprietary hybrid optical/wireless MAN network in the city areas of Paraćin, Ćuprija and Jagodina. Basic network purpose is to build a polygon for testing and HR training in the field of modern informational technologies as well as internet poviding - internet access to business and private users in the suburban and rural areas.

Charity work and socially responsible behavior is one of the guiding stars in our Company, which basically keeps us in the place of birth that we don't want to leave, but to give our modest contribution to improve lives of our fellow citizens. This can be witnessed by local government, police station, hospital, churches, monasteries, schools, unprofitable citizen associations, partnership for the future provided by Holcim, so as all the individuals who received some help and acquired some knowledge by cooperating with Neša Stream.


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We proved ourselves where is most hardest for the serbian people - in our own town and area; in our references it can be seen large number of local companies and workshops of all kind, whom we provided some service, build and maintained systems of our expertise, many of which we are still maintaining and upgrading.

Our most important references have been published and we would be glad for You to check them out, because right from our clients You should receive best guidance in the future cooperations with our Company.

We consider that our greatest capital are knowledge and human resources with clear procedures for fast learning and successful managing in all situation in the areas of telecommunications and technical security.