Access with Time & Attendance

Neša Stream doo is fully equipped with technical and human resources for the implementation of all activities in the field of Automation Access Control, the movement of vehicles, people, goods, and materials, as well as the time and attendance of employees.

 - Automation of access control and movement of vehicles, persons, goods and materials (RFID - tracking systems) ...

Automatic systems for monitoring the movement of vehicles, goods and materials, properly planned and aligned with the work procedures,
bring huge savings, and bring great reduction in the loss of goods, materials and fuel consumption.
The essence of automation is that the influence of the human factor is reduced to mimimum.

These systems include subsystems for managing physical barriers crossing (ramps, gates, turnstile, electric locks, etc.).

Also, if necessary, also creates a dedicated management software in the case of more complex systems.

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Time and attendance

Advantages of attendance system implementation are multiple: replaced the manual calculation of working hours, increased work discipline, and through increasing working discipline leads to significant cost savings, increased productivity and lower delays.

The existence of Time and attendance system in this regard is very important, especially from the standpoint of the following aspects:

           BETTER CONTROL - allows the identification of abuses and violations of operating rules and procedures

           ADEQUATE WORK EVALUATION - provides the necessary information for rewarding responsible and diligent workers and sanction those who are not

           SYNERGISTIC EFFECT - to achieve better results of the team, as a result of well-defined and controlled, with adequate work evaluation

           MOTIVATION - responsible and hardworking employees, but also the others, surely know that there is detailed information about their presence in the workplace, and all employees will be motivated to "improve the impression"

           ELIMINATING THE BAD CASE - to eliminate the causes that employees impose the following considerations:

                         - Why are you coming (going) on ​​time, when I know that the "X" without the sanction is constantly late (leaving before the end of office hours)?

                         - Why do overtime, when I know that "Y" working overtime, but not awarded because there is no way that this work is recorded?

Systems of Time and attendance may include subsystems for managing physical barriers crossing (ramps, gates, turnstile, electric locks, etc.).

It also includes the ERV and dedicated software for monitoring, management, report generation and export to the presence of software for calculation of salaries.

We have a vast experience in the employment of the following brands of active equipment: CDVI/Centaur, ZTeco, Kentec, etc.

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