CCTV System

Neša Stream doo is completely technically and staff equipped for the realization of all aspects of modern CCTV systems, in accordance with valid regulations and standards. One of our main advantages, in the implementation of modern CCTV systems, is the understanding of modern intelligent video analysis usability provided by best world companies, with accent on intelligent video analysis and real-time alarm events monitoring.

The vision is as experts say, the most important human sense when it comes to receiving information from the environment.
Therefore it is not surprising the growing popularity of video surveillance systems. People choose to install video surveillance systems for different objectives. Some of them are: improving control of work performance, prevention of abuse in the property company,
preventing a variety of offenses, increasing overall security etc.

We must note that when individual objects are concerned, the video surveillance system itself is not sufficient for security. Specifically, we recommend that for this purpose, and be sure to install anti-theft system. The combination of these two systems has significantly increased the security level of the facility.

When designing a video surveillance system, it is important to examine the future users and define their common needs. This is important because the price of the key elements of the system (such as cameras DVR devices or servers ) may vary up to about 10 times. Today, monitoring camera through a computer network, a mandatory requirement, in this respect there is a division on
Classical systems of video surveillance and IP video surveillance systems. So that, depending on the wishes and possibilities of users (primarily refers to remote monitoring through the Internet network) not all the same which one type of video surveillance system will be applied.

                                   videonadzor1       videonadzor2       videonadzor3

So the experts of Neša Stream doo are still cautious, with the final goal of reaching the optimum quality/price ratio for the system.

We also have experience with a number of manufacturers of CCTV equipment and video security software such are: Sony, Dahua, Axis, ACTi, Avigilon, Vivotek, Milestone, RealShot Manager, SmartPSS, etc.

This kind of experience allows us to achieve an optimal quality / price ratio, and making technical solutions so that the Client will be satisfied, and be able to finance with his budget.

We are proud to point out a number of companies that have successfully implemented a system of video surveillance:

  • Holcim Serbia (now CRH Serbia)
  • Čokolend Paraćin
  • Private Enterprise "Mihajlović" in Paraćin
  • Horisen Solutions
  • Municipality of Paraćin
  • Brewery "Niška Pivara" in Niš
  • Shoe Facotry "Geox" in Vranje
  • Transport and Logistics "Polet" Paraćin
  • Municipality of Ćuprija
  • 9 Septembar Paraćin
  • Pekara Izvor Paraćin
  • Don Cafe Paraćin
  • Žinel Paraćin
  • Private Transport Company "EuroLin" in Paraćin
  • Brefino Paraćin
  • Technical High-School Paraćin
  • Primary School "Momčilo Popović Ozren" Paraćin
  • NIS Gazprom Serbia: Integrated Technical Protection System Turija
  • NIS Gazprom Serbia: Integrated Technical Protection System Elemir
  • NIS Gazprom Serbia: Integrated Technical Protection System Aeroservis Surčin
  • NIS Gazprom Serbia: Integrated Technical Protection System Smederevo