LAN/WAN & PBX system

Neša Stream doo is equipped with technical and human resources for the implementation of projects and types of work in the field of IT networks, in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

Faster and more efficient data transfer, as well as modern communications solutions can improve the performance of each company. Of course, this is a condition for the existence of modern IT networks in companies. Also, operators of public telecommunications every day bring new services that improve data transmission and communication. All this leads to a more efficient functioning of the company and its better position on the market. Again, these new services should not be used without modern IT networks that could support them. Company's IT networks we could call telecommunications system. Telecommunications system consists of active equipment (switches, routers, PBX, wireless equipment, optical converters ...) and passive equipment (optical cables, copper cables, antennas, sockets, patch panels …).

Passive equipment is generally defined with standards for the structured cabling system implementation. Structured cabling simplified, in the narrow sense, means that the same cables are used for IT networking and to connect your phone to the exchange. More broadly the same, these cables can be used for cable systems of video surveillance, intrusion system, etc .. For the inter building connection fiber-optic cables or wireless (wireless connection) are commonly used. Generally, all telecommunications cables are ended in the so-called Rack cabinets on the proper patch panels, from where they are, with patch cables, connected to a particular active equipment depending on the application. This type of so-called low current systems centralization, makes maintenance cheaper and more efficient.

Active equipment (switches, routers, switchboards, wireless equipment, optical converters ...) is also an important element of the telecommunications system. From the right choice of equipment depends, in the end, what services (and with what kind of quality) system would be able to provide.

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NEŠA STREAM doo is carefully analyzing customer requirements, and then in consultation with the Customer, defines and implements a technical solution, taking into account that the customers' needs for at least the next 5 years are met (due to the situation in which we live and very dynamic development of telecommunications it is very difficult, and thankless, to predict customers' needs for a longer period).


Also in the preparation of the technical solution, customer's budget is taken into account and if necessary, the compromise between quality and price is made.


Otherwise, NEŠA STREAM doo experts have successfully implemented and put into operation a large number of telecommunication systems, starting with the system of single facility up to networking at the city level.

Most reliable passive equipment we have worked with comes from: Draka, LeGrand, Schrack, Kopos, etc.

We have a vast experience in the employment of the following brands of active equipment: Cisco, MikroTik, 3com (HP), Zyxel, Maipu, DCN, AlliedTelesys, NetGear, TP-Link, D-Link, etc.


A large number of satisfied customers are the main reference to Neša Stream doo in the field of IT networks.


  • Holcim Serbia (now CRH Serbia)
  • Public Energetic Enterprise "Toplana" Kraljevo
  • Jotel CDS in Zaječar
  • Serbian Glass Factory in Paraćin
  • Transportation and Logistics "Polet" Paraćin
  • Brefino Paraćin
  • Čokolend Paraćin
  • Public Health Center in Paraćin
  • Public Health Center in Ćuprija
  • Brewery "Niška Pivara" in Niš
  • IRS branch office in Kruševac
  • IRS branch office in Jagodina
  • Municipality of Paraćin