Burglar Alarm System

The time in which we live is very turbulent and unstable. Every day the invasions, which at the very least undermines peace of mind of the owner of buildings or cars, and the financial damage is often not negligible.

Anti-theft systems are no longer a luxury, but a necessity, without which there can't be a peaceful sleep.

Actually, peaceful sleep is the essence and ultimate goal of properly designed and constructed burglar system.


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As part of this activity NEŠA STREAM doo. designs and builds systems for the protection of buildings or cars from burglars. After careful analysis of objects in the field, our experts made technical solution is almost always a compromise for Quality / Price. In practice this means that the system is designed so that its functionality meet the security requirements of the facility, taking into account the budget of the Investor.

A similar philosophy applies when it comes to cars.

So NEŠA STREAM doo offers solutions, and in doing so is not limited to equipment from one manufacturer, the system is designed if necessary, with equipment from different manufacturers, all in order to obtain a better quality / price ratio.

Neša Stream doo is experienced in the employment of the following brands of equipment: Paradox, Crow, SLink, DSC, Trikdis, etc.

We are proud to point out a large number of satisfied clients, in which we have successfully implemented a burglar system:

  • Private Enterprise "Mihajlović" in Paraćin
  • Horisen Solutions
  • Don Cafe Paraćin
  • Žinel Paraćin
  • Primary School "Momčilo Popović Ozren" in Paraćin
  • Valoga Paraćin
  • T.R. Tina Market Paraćin
  • Brewery "Niška Pivara" in Niš
  • Shoe Factory Geox in Vranje
  • Driving School "Belica"