Network and data security

Along with the development of information technologies and telecommunication systems, the possibility of data abuse transmitted that way, increases. The rapid hardware and software development, which are used for data transmission, causes their frequent changes and improvements. In that race, manufacturers often do not have time for thorough equipment testing, which often causes omissions, which may lead to a potential threat to data security and company's network, and thus endanger their safety. As one of the main causes of under-investment in the field of company's data protection, is the opinion that the hacker attack will not happen "actually to me". Statistics shows that the majority of attacks in company's information systems are causing significant financial losses, and that the re-establishment of the system requires additional investments and a specific time.

Neša Stream doo received the RATEL (Republic Serbia Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications) sertification that it was registered as a special CERT for the prevention of security risk in information-communication systems.

LAN (Local Area Network) is the most common medium for the transmission of data. As such, LAN logically represents a bottleneck in terms of security of information transmitted in this way. On that occasion, particular attention is paid to the protection of data transmitted via LAN, primarily due to its physical and functional characteristics. Potential threats to the data that is transmitted through a LAN are based on the weaknesses of the media that is used for data transmission (wireless communications, copper twisted-pair cables, optical cables, and the like.), communications equipment serving LAN, as well as software for network communication . The misuse of data in LAN may be multiple and usually refers to the interception, analysis, deletion or retention of information ... These events can occur on any part of the channel in the transfer of data from source to destination.

Neša Stream doo pays great attention in the field of Network and Information Security and the implementation of solutions, all with the aim of a safer operating company. In order to accomplish this, a communication and multimedia platform STREAMNET is developed, for the purpose of training, testing and development of hardware and software in a real network environment. We constantly test and improve services such as VPN, VoIP, IPTV, Internet video, IP video surveillance and others. Also, at the same time this platform allows us to test the various tools for protecting networks and data, to simulate attacks, to detect security flaws in operating systems that can lead to a drop in applications and omit the normal functioning of the company and to perform threat removal. Strictly defined procedures for the prevention, detection and response to intruders in the network are used.

Neša Stream doo has all the knowledge and experience applied to the design and implementation of various protection systems in the following companies:

  • Holcim Serbia (now CRH Serbia)
  • Municipality of Paraćin
  • Transport and Logistics "Polet" in Paraćin
  • Private Enterprise "Mihajlović" in Paraćin
  • Don Cafe in Paraćin
  • Čokolend Paraćin
  • Balkantron Paraćin
  • Valoga Paraćin
  • Žinel Paraćin
  • T.R. Tina Market Paraćin
  • 9 Septembar Paraćin
  • Brewery "Niška Pivara" in Niš
  • Serbian Glass Factory in Paraćin