Streamnet platform

Within programme of permanent associates training and quality of service improvement, Neša Stream doo developed its own hybrid data, voice and video transfer network – STREAMNET.


Streamnet is hybrid network in the sense of different transportation technologies combining (optical, copper, WIFi, Internet) and in the sense of all sorts of communication, multimedia and technical protection hardware and software solutions implementation.

Streamnet is actually communication-multimedia educational, testing, hardware and software development, real environment based platform.

This platform is based on modern IT network that has integrated equipment of all relevant equipment manufacturers present on the Serbian market. Within Streamnet platform, there is constant improvement and testing of services such are: VPN, VoIP, IPTV, Internet TV, IP CCTV etc.

Also, many different data and network security tools are tested, attacks are simulated, security breaches are discovered, bates are placed, all with the goal of providing services covered with this very complex and dynamic field.